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Lonliness and Barkeeps [May. 3rd, 2005|10:51 pm]
The Bronze: A Buffy RPG Community


I stayed home, in my own lonely apartment, ignoring the darkness I felt inside.
Something was looming on the horizon.
And..as always, I'm helpless to stop any of it.
Why couldn't I be as powerful as Willow? As Giles?
If I'd been put in a wheelchair, I might've given up all hope by now.
I ignore the tears falling down my cheeks, all hope seeming to fade anyway, even though my life seemed halfway decent.

Oh, my sweet..
I crawled into bed, tears flowing fully, unstoppable.
Oh, my only...
Snuggling under the covers, I curled into a ball and cried like the baby I was inside, growing up too fast, but never enough to make a difference.
Oh, my anybody...

Goddess, someone help me...