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[May. 19th, 2005|04:26 pm]
The Bronze: A Buffy RPG Community
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

Anya sat in her apartment. She just stared forward, deep in thought. She missed Xander, but at the same time she missed Giles. She realized she was missing both. One more than the other, but she couldn't figure out which one. She was still not so great at fiddling through emotions. She didn't like them, was in denial about them for a while, and then had to sort through them, eventually anyway.

Giles confused her. Did he actually care for her? He must. But then why was he acting so weird, especially recently? Oh, God, maybe, Anya thought, that this is some cruel way of breaking up with her. Oh God! Well, technically they weren't together...TECHNICALLY, but that didn't stop the horrible thoughts from coming to Anya.

Anya picked up the phone and called Giles again. It was the third time she had called that day, and he had never answered. When he didn't answer yet again, she put the phone down and rested her head against the wall, telling herself he'd call eventually. Then she fiddled with the idea of calling Xander. Than she felt bad, like she was cheating on one or the other.

"Emotions suck" was officially Anya's moto.

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[User Picture]From: lack_of_cool
2005-05-19 04:44 pm (UTC)
I had to talk to her. Just to see if she was okay. I knew what I'd done, hell, she let me know. Everyone let me know. But I helped with Angelus. And I loved Anya, even if I screwed up.

I just had to check in, and see if she was all right.
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From: the_money_gal
2005-05-30 10:09 pm (UTC)
((sorry about being so late to reply!!))

Anya almost jumped out of her chair when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking maybe it might be Giles, she finger combed out her hair and got up quickly. When she opened the door, she paused for a second, her brow furrowed.

"Xander? What are you doing here?"
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[User Picture]From: lack_of_cool
2005-05-30 10:51 pm (UTC)
"Um, hi. Can I come in?" I looked at her, she was a beautiful as ever.

"I'd been out of town...thinking. And well, I thought I should check on you." Great, I've gone from Xander Harris, adult, to Xander Harris, the teen-ager in the span of a blink.

She unnervered me. Or maybe, I unnerved myself.

"I just wanted to talk," was my lame excuse.
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From: the_money_gal
2005-05-31 08:26 pm (UTC)
Anya bit her lower lip and looked over her shoulder at the room behind her, then back at Xander.

"I guess," she said, opening the door for him and closing it behind him when he came in. She stood there looking at him and said quickly, "Talk" in her normal, blunt Anya way.
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