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The Bronze: RPG Community for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Bronze: A Buffy RPG Community
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This community is for Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel role-playing enthusiasts only!!!! It is an AU (alternative universe)game set after Buffy season 7. Sunnydale is still in existance, but LA is no more. As such, the Angel crew are now in Sunnydale. The characters in this game are not strictly canon, as that is what AU is all about. Come on kiddies, welcome to the show!

If you would like to join this community, you need to do the following:

First, and foremost you must be over the age of 16 and able to deal with mature themes. If you can't, then don't apply. However, since it is 16 and not 18 this is not an NC-17 room.

New members will be subject to a trial period of one month. If after that month we are satisfied with your posting habits and quality you then become a full member.

Email the character you would like to play to aladriana (I will then discuss with the other mod), along with your journal name, and a small sample of your writing. You can include a vague (emphasis on vague) plotline that you would be interested in.

Once you are approved to join, I will put you on the members list and then put you into the OOC as well. You must post ALL major plotlines in the OOC before posting them in the community.

Now searching for these characters:
Robin Wood
Gwen Raiden

Also interested in:

Also, original characters ARE great as well!!

Mods: buffyslays/aladriana

Boring Rules:
1) Please post at least once a week to ensure you not being replaced. Exceptions can be made, please contact the one of the moderators, or post in the OOC if you know before hand and are comfortable doing so. If you are in a very extended and long series of tags, that may count for your time.
2) All graphic scenes need to be behind a LJ cut
3) Do your best to use proper grammar and spelling.
4) If you do a chat scene vs a tagged one, please remember to take out the AIM names. Both types are acceptable.
5) If you have trouble with another player, please keep it outside the game. If it becomes too great a problem, contact the mods, and we'll go from there.
6) If your tags are becoming too long to read, please find an interesting spot, and start a new post.
7) Have fun!!

Current Players:

Rupert Giles - oh_dear
Wesley - brittish_ponce

Buffy - buffyslays
Faith - faith_and_hope

The Scoobies:
Dawn - xbittyxdawnx
Willow - chosen_scythe
Spike - darkslayer666
Xander - one_who_sees
Tara - willows_gurl

The "Outsiders":
Gunn - call_me_gunn
Fred - superhero_wini
Anya - the_money_gal
Cordelia - cordelia_queen

The Big Bads (sometimes):
The First - _prime_evil_
Angel - notsomuchsoul

The Happenings in Sunnydale:

Angel: Has recently recieved his soul back, and is now trying to figure out how to fit back into life with his friends. He is also trying to figure out how to bring Cordelia back to 'normal', as he enouraged her demon side while evil.

Buffy: Buffy is being plauged by evil visions, after fighting Angel in hopes that his soul would return (it did).

Giles: Giles, having opened his life up to magick addiction and the side of him know as "Ripper" is now working as an agent of The First and dating Anya. Is his thirst for power stronger than his loyalty to those he loves?

Willow: Currently in a wheel-chair, is in Wesley's apartment trying to figure out if/when/how to tell him she loves him.

Tara: Is alive and has gone to live with Buffy after talking with Willow.

Gunn: Fred left him (for good?) to go back to Texas for a short while. He's out helping Angel try and find Cordelia.

Anya: Recently went on a date with Giles. Is confused: did she like it, or was she just trying to make Xander (whome we need) jealous. She's out walking in the dark, thinking.

Faith: Also helped re-ensoul Angel, and worked on a new friendship with Wesley (trying to erase old times). She lives with Dawn in Dawn's apartment.

Dawn: emacipated from her sister's eyes, she lives on her own, and works a lot with Spike and Faith. She also played a role in re-ensouling Angel, and is being visited by evil visions of The First.

Spike: With Dawn and Faith, helped with Angel and is now trying to help Dawn figure out why The First is bothering her.

Wesley: After being tortured by Angelus, found a way to re-ensoul him. After a short hospital stay, he went home to find Willow there. He is now trying to figure out how to tell Willow he loves her.

The First: It's evil. Wouldn't be right to tell what it is doing now!


Congratulations: Slayer's Choice 2005 Best Gunn
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